Schacht Cherry Ladybug 2023 Special Edition!

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Our favorite Ladybug spinning wheel came in a special cherry edition in 2021 with a black wheel. They all sold out, but here's your 2nd chance!

Last one, ready to ship!

New for 2023! It's Barry's birthday, he's the genius behind all things Schacht.  Just released, a new round of cherry Ladybugs to celebrate!

These ones come with an engraving to celebrate

The Ladybug has always been known as friendly to entry-level spinners and experienced spinners too, as a compact wheel that is easy to treadle and has nice wide treadles for spinning comfort. With characteristic solid Schacht construction, its unique design is both functional and charming.



The Special Edition Cherry Ladybug comes with 3 of the black and brown travel bobbins, orifice hook, poly drive band, and 2 cherry whorls (Fast and Medium) that give the spinner 4 choices of spinning ratios.  It is mainly a scotch-tension wheel, but can also be run in double drive mode and irish tension as well. And, each spinning wheel has a tiny ladybug on it somewhere!

Ladybugs ship securely and almost fully assembled, with just the treadle to screw on and connect.

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