Schacht Whorls

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This is the little round wooden bit that helps your Schacht wheel go faster or slower.


Schacht sells 6 whorls.  We regularly stock 5 of those sizes. (The biggest one is like a very large pancake and is the top left in the photo.!) They go:  Super Slow; Slow; Medium; Fast; High Speed; Super High Speed.

Each Schacht wheel is sold new with a Medium and a Fast.

**We recommend a Slow for new spinners, and a High Speed for 'old' spinners; that will give you the middle 4 sizes. 

*** are you ordering a Cherry Ladybug?  The cherry ones are in the drop down menu, and you can order even if not in stock to go with your wheel, to ship at the same time.

The Super Fast is... super fast and should be run in double drive with the accompanying Lace Bobbin.  (We can order those lace bobbins if you need!) 

The very very slow one does not work with the Sidekick, and is probably best for ultra slow spinning or art yarn. (and it's not listed for sale here)

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