Sets, Interchangeable Tips, Cords, Accessories

Chiao Goo, Lykke, and Knitters Pride interchangeable needles and accessories, sold as sets and we have lots of open stock of tips, cables and accessories too.

All Knitters Pride cords fit on any of their sets (Ginger, Dreamz, Mindful, Nova Platina, and more); Chiao Goo cords and accessories work with Chiao Goo tips.  (It has been our experience in the past that Lykke and Knitters Pride parts are interchangeable.)

We refer to 5" sets as 'regular' or 'long', as they are the most common, used for sweaters, blankets, flat knitting, magic looping, and larger projects.

The 3.5" or 4" tip sets are 'short' or 'special' and are great for making 16" needles to knit small diameters like hats, upper sleeves, and such.

Please get in touch if you'd like a set that is out of stock, we may be able to acquire it for you!