Palouse Yarn Co Mazama 2024 PREORDER - 600g Dyers Bundle undyed cormo targhee blend

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Yes, we've got wool at the mill for a 2nd run of Mazama!  This batch will be more cormo, less targhee, and the color will be different but still natural grey.  The 2024 blend is 20% white targhee, 80% light and medium grey natural colored cormo wool, from the same two Montana ranches as the last run.

PREORDER with a discount--- shipping summer or fall 2024.

6 skeins 100g each, of our bespoke Mazama yarn.  This listing is for 6 unconditioned skeins, as the skein pictured on the left.  Included, a Palouse Yarn Company cotton tote, free!

Undyed, unconditioned, unlabeled, and a HUGE 30% savings over individual skeins.

If you are not scared of conditioning yarn yourself or wish to dye a sweater quantity, this is for you.


Photo shows one longer skinnier skein and one shorter plumper one.  The plump one has been conditioned, and is the normal state one finds yarn in when sold retail.


Conditioning yarn-- When yarn comes straight from the mill, as this one did, it has mill oil and some lanolin in it still -- a hot bath in 150 to 160 degree water with a wool wash such as Kookaburra Scour or Eucalan should do the trick, wash all the skeins at once for consistent results.  You will want to scour this yarn a bit before dyeing.


For each single skein:

Put up: 330 yards/ 100g, round three ply yarn

Contents: 80% Montana Cormo wool, 20% Montana Targhee wool

Gauge: 5.5- 6 sts/ inch on size US 3-4 needles after a conditioning wash

Care:  hand wash finished garment in tepid water with wool wash, lay flat to dry

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