Knitters Pride GingerDeluxe Short Tip Interchanger Set

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From Knitters Pride, a luxurious case that includes a full set of short tip interchangeable needles.  This case also doubles as a chart minder, with magnets to hold your pattern!

Short tip set:  tips are 3 1/2" long and made of the same laminated slick wood that we love;great for hats and small diameters.

If out of stock, please contact us to special order.

All tips are the same warm ginger color, set includes 13 pairs of needles plus accessories.


tips size 3 -17, including 10.5

4 cords, 2 each to make a 16" and 20' needle.  (We stock extra cords and they are super cheap, too!) 

8 end caps, 4 cord keys, 20 stitch markers, a set of magnets and a pen!

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