Chiao Goo TWIST Steel 4" and 5" Interchangeable Tips

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Chiao Goo TWIST needles are our house fave for so many reasons.  Tips are long and pointy, steel texture is smooth and fast but not too slippery, and the joins are very precise.  Size is etched on the side.

These interchangeable needle tips come in a pair of two, cords are sold separately.

What you need to know to buy these tips 'n cords to work together properly:

4" tips are great for hats, upper sleeves, and other small diameter projects.

5" tips are the go-to for flat knitting, sweaters, blankets, magic loop and larger circular projects.

(When you pick cords, remember they are sold by the actual length of cord, you need to add the tip lengths to arrive at the total length!)

*Very Important* size 2-8 tips, either length, use SMALL cords.  Size 9 and up use LARGE cords.

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