Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom 24"

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Compact, high quality small loom from Ashford. Great for sampling, or just getting started. We've practiced with this model and you can get warped and start weaving in under 2 hours!

Assembled.  Has the same quality we expect from Ashford, with large plastic crank knobs and precision woodworking.


Stand available.


built in 2nd heddle options, 24" weaving width, 7.5" dpi reed perfect for worsted weight yarn, instructions, threading hook, warping pegs and clamps

The 2 main differences between Ashford's Rigid Heddle line and the SampleIt line are

1. SampleIt is lacquered and has slightly thinner wood pieces throughout

2. The Rigid Heddle looms have more depth front to back, so there is a little more weaving area before the cloth must be cranked on.

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