Stonehedge Shepherd's Wool

Important!  Stonehedge has ceased all sales to yarn stores due to supply chain issues.  If you love this yarn, this is the last stock we will ever have and I hope you grab what you like while we have it.

Same goes for their sport weight crazy.


From Stonehedge Fiber Mill in Michigan, this is one of our favorites for softness.  a 3-ply light worsted, this yarn is spun in the worsted method, which makes for a smooth yarn and that gives great stitch definition when worked up.  Many of the colors are pretty heathers, and there are some great bold solids as well.

Contents:  100% domestic merino wool, and it's very soft!

Put up: twisted hank, wind before using. 250 yards/ 4 oz.

Gauge:  label says 17 sts/ 4" on size 8 (5.0mm) needles, we also love it knit at a denser gauge of 20-21 sts/ 4" on 6's.

Hand wash, dry flat.  Also felts great with soap, temperature change and agitation!