Ranching Fiber Traditions Tobacco Root Valley

Meet Ranching Tradition Fiber, a family-owned and operated ranch in Montana. They grow the most beautiful Targhee Rambouillet sheep, which are two absolute favorite breeds for bouncy and toothy yet soft wool.  This is the best of the West, right here.

Contents: 100% Montana grown, processed, and dyed wool.  We are so happy to be able to showcase this local yarn!  It has a nice firm twist and is a round two ply yarn, destined to be heirloom quality sweaters for sure, but also will wear well in mitts and be soft enough for hats and big squishy shawls.

Put up:  approx 250 yards/ 3 ounce twisted hank, wind before using

Gauge:  5-5.5 sts/ inch on needle size US 5-7

Handwash cool to preserve hand dyed color, lay flat to dry