Sarah Anderson Workshop 2018

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June 16th and 17th!  Join us for a 2-day, lunch-included workshop at the Dahmen Barn in Uniontown, Washington!

Yarn Immersion

- Draft - Ply - Evaluate - Laugh - Eat Chocolate

Here’s your chance to spend two days immersing yourself in handspun yarn - learning how to “see” the twist in a new way. 


Sarah will cover drafting: diameter control, worsted density control and woolen drafting that actually is quite magical. (including hand carding rolags - bring your cards - there will be extras for those who don’t have them) 


She’ll show you some basics about plying that you may never have noticed before - even if you’re a long time spinner. It may change the way you ply or show you why the way you ply works so well.


We’ll talk about how to “read” your handspun yarn the way knitters learn to read their knitting. Be sure to bring a few of your (not perfect) skeins for us to look at. 


As time permits, we’ll then play with color and yarn constructions and break into more independent study. For example, some of you may want to learn boucle while others will prefer to try bubble crepe. Someone else might just want to perfect their handcarding and woolen drafting. We can do that. Others may want to try out fractal spinning or chain plying. There will be a number of sample skeins to help you decide what you want to do. Spinners of all levels will find something to challenge in a fun and relaxed environment. 


Student level: Students should be comfortable with their wheel and able to spin a continuous singles (successfully get a thread onto the bobbin). 


Bring to class: Spinning wheel in working condition, lazy kate and 3-4 bobbins, handcards (if you have them) and a few (not perfect) handspun skeins for evaluating. Optional - lap cloth, scissors, note taking materials, labels for sample skeins, chocolate (always a good idea) and anything else you think you may need or want.


Homework: In the week or two before class, spend a little time every day spinning with the wheel you plan to use in class. It will warm you up (and you will also work out any glitches with the wheel).


Materials fee: $40 ea for color handouts and all fiber for class, not included in pricing.

Lunch: Included!

Location: Artisans of the Dahmen Barn, this wonderful place nearby in Uniontown, Washington!

(no transportation, you must meet us there)

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