Palouse Yarn Company

News from the dyeing front!

Hand dyed, hand washable merino:  7 Devils DK, and Owyhee Aran, available in sweater quantities.


Superwash, WOW lots of vibrant colors, I can't wait for you to meet Clearwater Worsted --- 300 skeins are dyed, some are ready in the shop.  Hope to have 'em twisted, tagged and ready by the end of October.

Chunky is here, Silky Mo is at full stock.

Hand dyed, superwash merino with nylon-- meet Magruder DK, the new DK sock yarn!  Next shop update of full skeins, about mid-October.


Available now, the Mini Mega Box.  Click to learn more about this luscious box of 35 mini skeins!





Welcome to our indie dye studio, Palouse Yarn Company.  Dyeing with inspiration from nature in the Pacific Northwest, colors are saturated, tonal, and great for larger projects.

The dyeing is all done by me, Shelley, owner of The Yarn Underground, but the twisting, naming, and tagging has been taken over by the kids --  it's a true family business.

I dye seasonally in my backyard open-air studio.  You can find the most popular PYC bases in a smattering of other great yarn shops in WA, MT, and WY.  We strive to keep about 15 bases of yarn on the walls here, and they ebb and flow with the seasons.

In progress, a re-name all of the new House Brand yarns to reflect our unique and vibrant ecology and geography in the PNW.  Currently, find all PYC yarns for sale by weight under the YARN tab!

Thank you for your interest in our family businesses, I can't wait to share what's next.


pyc and sheep

You'll find many of our favorite repeatable colorways here, PLUS unique ones too.  All listings are in-stock, ready to ship unless otherwise noted;  if you don't see what you are after, email [email protected] for larger quantities or special orders.