Palouse Yarn Company

Palouse Yarn Company is my very own dye studio in Moscow, Idaho.  PYC got a start in 2009 with kitchen stove dyeing experiments during the intense life stage of parenting small children. I dyed spinning fiber in the kitchen in the wee morning hours, and sold at the farmers' market and online, before opening the yarn store.  In 2011, I dyed my first lots of yarn and have been going strong ever since.

Today, I dye seasonally in my backyard open-air studio.  You can find PYC in a smattering of stores in WA, MT, WY, UT, CA, and CT.  and of course, all over the walls and web at The Yarn Underground.  The children grew so fast and now help with twisting, tagging, naming, and inventory management during their summer breaks.  Thank you for your interest in our small business!

(ETA 12/20)  New website arrangement!  Find all PYC yarns for sale by weight under the YARN tab!


pyc and sheep


You'll find many of our favorite repeatable colorways here, PLUS all of the fun & unique ones too.  All listings are in-stock, ready to ship; email [email protected] for larger quantities or special orders.