My First Raglan Class: Keera

Class Starts in 2020!

It’s time to jump in and learn to knit sweaters! A raglan is a great place to start—  no seams, forgiving sizing, the freedom to knit sleeves and body to just the right length!

 Class Meets Saturdays  12:30pm-2, Jan  11, 25 AND Feb 8



     -1000-1500 yards worsted weight yarn  (sample: Universal Deluxe Worsted SW)

     -size 6&7’s (gauge of 18 sts/4”)

     -Keera pattern by Isabell Kraemer,  available in-store or on Ravelry


As always, 10% off class supplies!




Why gauge matters, raglan construction,  simple lace and texture pattern, pattern reading skills


HOMEWORK/skills needed

 Wind yarn before class, knit a 6” square swatch, wash, and bring to class (ask us for help if this part looks scary, it’s just part of the learning process!





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