Palouse Yarn Co Mini Bundle Magruder DK- Deep Fall

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Put together especially for the Space Invaders Hat!

This bundle has 5 mini skeins of Magruder DK Sock and comes with a cute cedar acorn plus a packet of Eucalan so you can be sure to block your finished hat.  We will also send the Space Invader Hat pattern with your bundle, not available separately. 

Magruder DK Contents:  85% Superwash Merino/ 15% nylon

Put Up:  each mini skein has 49yards/ 20g, there are 5 in the bundle.

Gauge:  22-26 sts/ 4", great for socks and sweaters and more!  

Care:  hand or machine wash finished garment gently in warm water with wool wash, lay flat to dry or bounce gently in cool dryer.

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