Knitters Pride Row Counter Rings

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Now these are pretty AND useful.  We have a smattering of sizes and colors in stock, hunt around in the drop down menus to see what's available.

These rings are stainless steel and specially coated, for pretty colors.  Great for wear on thumb or index finger, comes in ring sizes 6-12.

To use, push ring in towards center and rotate.  Super easy to use but it won't get bumped into counting by accident!

Teal is the new Mindful color that Knitters Pride has released, they come in different .  Rainbow is that beautiful color of an oil slick rainbow on pavement, and you can't go wrong with Black.

  • Size 7 (17.3mm - Inner ID)
  • Size 8 (18.2mm - Inner ID)
  • Size 9 (19.0mm - Inner ID)
  • Size 10 (19.8mm - Inner ID)
  • Size 11 (20.6mm - Inner ID)
  • Size 12 (21.4mm - Inner ID)
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