Join the Soundtrack KAL with our hand dyed kits!

We're putting just the right amount of yarn together for all of your Soundtrack needs!  We did the math for each size, and will include enough skeins of each color-- go by the sizes in each listing.  Want extra just in case? Shop the larger sizes!



Well, since we aren't having classes, Free Help Friday, or private lessons, and we still want to help you in your learning endeavors, we've chosen to highlight this project as a great way for you to have some moral support, cameraderie, and be able to chat with those having similar experiences.  I know it's not the same, but this is a great chance to take part and get the support to help you finish!


Join the Oliveknits Facebook group for the Knit Along.  They have run a similar knit along for 4 years now, encouraging us to knit a simple sweater in a contained time frame, with cameraderie!  So, go there for the chatter, come here for the yarn.  Rest assured, you don't have to knit your sweater in 4 days as some will, their FB page will be active in this knit along for the entire month of July.


-------ABOUT THE SWEATER!-----



And, a bit about the sweater pattern, Soundtrack:  You've gotta get that from Ravelry, click the link and it will take you there.  If you can't, let me know and I will do it and send it to you! Easy peasy.

Anyway, author Marie Greene designed this to wear with 0" of ease for those with no bust (that is your chest measurement) and for 2-4" of ease for those with a bust (also a chest measurement, plus 2-4").  We followed the pattern yardage requirements to a tee with our kits here, you're not going to run out if your size is listed in the kit AND you don't make the garment longer than the pattern is written for.  In doubt?  Go up a kit size.

Round yoke, top down construction, great for beginning sweater knitters and experienced alike!  The color work is accomplished with slipped stitches! so none of that 2 colors in every row stuff, no juggling all those strings.  Only one color is worked in each row, slipping stitches without knitting them gives you a cool 2-color design.  It's also called mosaic knitting, and Barbara Walker is a celebrated author that wrote books on the subject back in the day; it's a great technique and we totally suggest looking BW up for more inspiration!


Anyway, we've put kits together for you. 

Kits include YARN and a handy PYC branded cotton shoulder bag.  We will even wind your yarn for free, just check the box!  (not included; needles, pattern)


Here's the bits about the yarn bases:


This is a great choice for affordability in hand dyes, a sproingy merino feel, great hand, and unique finished product.  It's a domestic merino, grown in the USA and milled in Pennsylvania, hence Penna!

100& US Merino, 100g twisted hanks, 260 yards, wind before using.  Tell us in your purchase notes if we should do that for you, we will do it free of charge!

hand wash, dry flat


The most luxurious yarn ... ever!!!  Dense, round, slinky, smooth, shiny and soft worsted weight yarn that is a dream to work with, or addictive, maybe both.

70% superwashed Merino Wool, 20% Cashmere, and 10% Silk.

210 yards, 4 oz, light worsted

hand washing preserves colors better, or machine wash gently, cool dry.



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