Hand Dyed & Gradient Sock GRAB BAG

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Love a surprise?  Feeling (virtually) adventurous?  Here's a Grab Bag mixed hand dyed and gradient sock yarns! We are continuing with our destash of dyelots and odds n ends.

about 30% off stock price of $111!

IT THE BAG:  first quality sock yarn, you get THREE 3.5- 4oz hanks of HAND DYED sock yarn of different indie brands, with yardage ranging from 320 - 463 yards each; PLUS a 3.5 oz gradient ball too!

Fibers in the bag: Superwash Merino, Superwash Wool, superfine mohair, nylon

What to knit with these?  Socks, shawls, one skein wonders, presents, colorwork, stripes, mitts, sockhead hats, baby sweaters.


NO i won't tell you what's in there

NO hints

They are stapled shut so I don't know what's in there either

YES it's good

YES it's our color choice

YES the 4 skeins will all be different


Grab one for you and send one to a friend!

(winding fee is per kit, not individual skein)

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