Heron Hill Ernie the Omnipotent Potato

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From Heron Hill Stitch Co, these adorable stitching kits of wool felt make a simple little stuffed buddy.  Packaged in low impact recycled kraft paper.

This kit includes:

  • wool felt

  • cotton stuffing

  • sewing needle

  • thread

  • pattern pieces

  • instruction booklet

Appropriate for ages 7 and beyond! (Ages 5-6 with adult help)

Here's what Heron Hill says about the personality of this kit:

ERNIE - (he/him)

Ernie can be intimidating at first, because he sees and knows so much about the world. When you get to know him however, you’ll find he loves to share his knowledge and perspective with you. His favorite activity is taking a nap in cool soil.

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