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BunnyPaca is farmed and spun right here in the US!

It is a DK weight yarn with 150 yards per 50 gram skein.

Needle size
US 5 - 7

50% Merino
30% Angora
20% Alpaca

A heavenly blend of merino, angora and alpaca fibers. The angora is from a small farm located about 2 hours from the mill. These sweet rabbits are lovingly raised and sheared a few times a year by the farmer and her daughter, then blended with locally sourced alpaca which gives each colorway its subtle and natural color. This blend is then balanced with USA merino wool. The yarn has a delightfully lofty feel and is spun with slubs that highlight the farmyard origins of the blend. When knit, the yarn begins to bloom, and as you block and wear the items knit from it they will bloom more substantially and develop an even fuzzier and softer hand over time.


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