Lykke Cypra 3.5" Set sz 3-10.5 brwn

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Have you SEEN these yet?  I have touched them in person, they are COOL.  Shiny shiny polished copper, these needles are ready to fly through projects with their pointy tips and slick finish.  How are they different?  They are warmer to the touch than your typical steel and nickel plated chrome tips, which is pretty great.

---PREORDER--- these needles haven't actually been released to the public yet but we've got em on order, so purchase them now if you want to try them first, and we will ship when we receive.  Word is that they might arrive before the winter holidays!

You'll be able to polish these up after use if you like, we will ship each set with a free polishing cloth ($8 value).  Or, if you like the look of a nice patina, you can just keep knitting and it will develop!


this is a set of 9 pairs of 3.5" tips -- (US sizes 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, & 10.5) --

plus cords for 16" (2x), 20" (1x), 24" (1x)

all in a brown vegan suede case.


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