Living Color Spinning Workshop with Jillian Moreno 2018

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Living Color: The Ultimate Braid Class (2-days) 

jillian moreno

Are you ready for the ultimate dyed braids class, two whole days of experimenting with color?
In this class we will spin nothing but beautiful hand-dyed braids of fiber. We’ll explore different breeds and blends, but mostly we will play with color. 

Working with singles yarns, plied yarns and textured yarns, we’ll experiment with keeping colors clear, combining and mixing them with naturals, solids and other variegated braids.

You’ll hone your skills drafting colors together, working with fractals and planning projects with multiple braids.

We’ll explore how to stretch colors, compliment colors and avoid the dreaded twins of color spinning mud and clown barf.

There will be lots of time to discuss the whys and hows of color braids and time to play and experiment.

Students should bring: A wheel is good working order, at least four bobbins, a lazy kate, a niddy noddy, tags to mark samples and pen and paper to take notes. Knitting needles that work gauge-wise with your default yarn.
If you’d like, bring pattern ideas that you’d like to spin and knit with variegated yarn.


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