Ashford Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel Double Treadle Double Drive Lacq'd

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This is our favorite small-footprint wheel, from Ashford.  It is tall and narrow, super classy, and even travels well.  Lacquered model.

Assembled, in store pick up only. (We can drop-ship one right to you if you prefer to assemble yourself!)

Double Treadle, Double Drive, Lacquered.


Castle-style wheel has 18" wheel and is made of solid New Zealand Beech.

Ball bearings are super smooth and treadles have great heel-toe action for effortless treadling.

Whorl has 4 speeds.

This double drive model also has scotch tension and is easy to change between the two drive methods.

Wheel comes with 4 bobbins and on-board lazy kate. 

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