Shelley, the creative genius behind the colors, has been knitting for 32+ years, spinning for a dozen, and dyeing for 10.  She is inspired by the wonderful forests, prairies, and lakes of Northern Idaho, and would spend all her time floating down the Salmon River with her family if left to her own devices.  With knitting in hand, of course.

What is the driving force behind Palouse Yarn Company?

 Currently, our yarns are pretty, shiny, and wonderful to work with, and have been superwash-treated.  Our long term mission is to create a truly local, sustainable and repeatable yarn sourced from the Palouse Prairie.  And dye it beautifully.

Enter The Polypay Project.  A local-sourced, happy-sheep project has finally turned into a product!

Update:  After 2 mills and an entire 11 months, we have a finished yarn.  It's been a long strange trip; first, there was a partial pile of finished roving, but the job was not complete.  Now, we finally have yarn in hand!

And it is wonderful.  Everything we dreamed of.  315 yards to a big fat skein, with some nylon blended in for a superb sock yarn.  Shelley is speed knitting to see what inspiration comes, then the majority of the resulting 100 skeins (!) will be dyed.  Photos soon.

Questions?  Comments?  Email us at hello@palouseyarncompany.com if you just gotta have some.